Section 5 is a non-denominational, non-political drumming group.
We play at festivals, carnivals, bonfires, parties, on the beach, on piers, up hills and on the sea!!,
not to mention a few ad-hoc events of our own.
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Our Charity
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Our Charity
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Every year since 2001 Section 5, has raised over £6000 for small local charities, to raise awareness, and raise funds, we do this by selling badges, CDs.
This year Section 5 are proud to represent:
Since 1985 Seaview has been providing an open access wellbeing centre at the heart of St Leonards-on-Sea Seaview was set up by Helene White and Barbara Silvester, with the help of Jane Amstad in February 1985. At the time of Care in the Community a number of people who had been used to institutional living due to mental health problems, unable to cope with the sudden change and inadequate support found themselves street-homeless. Seaview’s inception was an organic voluntary sector initiative, creating responsive local support. Seaview became a registered Charity in August 1985 and a Company Limited by Guarantee in September 1996.

Today Seaview Centre and activities are funded from a mix of statutory funding, grants and charitable donations, and delivered with an open access approach to people experiencing a range of issues including: mental health, learning disabilities, substance misuse, physical disabilities social isolation, rough sleeping and homelessness.
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