Section 5 - Hastings Drummers
Section 5 is a non-denominational, non-political drumming group.
We play at festivals, carnivals, bonfires, parties, on the beach, on piers, up hills and on the sea!!,
not to mention a few ad-hoc events of our own.
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Who are We?
Who Are We?
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" In the beginning there was dust (but at least it was quiet)

Some time after this Section 5 evolved from the primal soup which was alchemically mixed with Sussex Bonfire, beer and a "caution" under Section 5 of the Public Order Act as issued by the latest successors to the Bow Street Runners who paid a visit to Battel Bonfire in the year of our Lord 2001

Every year we now visit the good townsfolk of Old Sussex and beyond to make merry, bang drums, set off car alarms, drink a lot of ale and go home again.

We actively support local charities and good causes in both inconspicuous presence and by donating whatever we might be offered by way of payment for turning up at events and enjoying ourselves.

So if you're out and about in darkest Sussex or beyond and you see a ragged band of folk painted red and black rendering the sound of thundering trains, don't panic, expletive or throw rocks, smile and buy us all a beer"
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